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    Three years after the original Traqpod 1 launch, we are happy to introduce Traqpod 3 Electric. Same as previous Traqpods but, you know, electric.

    Traqpod 3 Electric is a new concept in electric skateboards – a new powered carving board with a unique design engineered for optimal riding stability, control, and comfort.


    As electric as you want it

    Many will be fine with the classic Traqpod 3 non-electric. Everybody else may now choose between our single or dual drive electric versions. Different levels of electric assist, same level of pure, sheer carving fun.

    The original design, now even better

    Traqpod 3 Electric builds on the original, instant-classic Traqpod 1 board design, and on the functional and structural improvements in Traqpod 2. No easy feat—yet we did it.

    Carving made easy

    Traqpod is an advanced and versatile board that is easy to maneuver and fun to use. It’s designed to be a part of your life, without complex instructions or maintenance requirements. Just grab, start and enjoy.

    A board for everyone

    Traqpod is an inclusive, user-friendly board that was designed with ease of use in mind. Once you learn how to steer it, it will soon be second nature, so newbies become experts in no time. Age range? Any! (two-digits recommended).

    That surfy feeling

    If Traqpod makes you feel like you are surfing in Hawaii or snowboarding in the Alps, this means you are doing it right. The sensations are just the same, you won’t need waves, snow or sunscreen.

    For fun or for transportation? Pick both!

    Running errands, going to the gym, taking it out on the weekend to the park or that quiet hidden spot you know. Traqpod is perfect every time. For mobility, for leisure, for sport, and everything in between.

    No learning curve

    Learning curves are for nerds, and for Traqpod we’ve made sure it’s almost non-existent. Just unfold the trucks, step on your Pod, gently kick to get it going, slowly pull the remote’s trigger… and off you go. Steer by shifting your weight, slightly standing on your toes or ankles, twisting your hips. If you are imagining it, you can do it.

    A board you can lean on

    Rules are simple. Lean to turn. Lean to carve. Just lean. That’s all. If Denis makes it seem like its easy, natural and joyful it’s because it is. Can you believe this was filmed on Denis’ first day using Traqpod?

    Easy to carry

    With its special shape, folding trucks and rounded details, Traqpod is always easy to pick up, hold, drag, roll or carry. That’s, when you don’t want it to carry you.

    Turns on a dime

    Traqpod was made for carving, so our trucks’ special geometry lets you carve non-stop and turn almost on the spot, all with perfect safety and stability. Traqpod features one of the tightest turning radiuses in its category.

    Speed under full control

    Beyond speed, the real point of carving is curves. But if you like speed, you also want it under control. Traqpod’s electric motors are also powerful regenerative brakes which you can command with precision with its remote control. 

    Freedom on wheels

    Traqpod is many things to many people. It can be a vehicle, a sports device, a tech gadget, or all of the above. And it cal also be, beyond all that, a vehicle of freedom and self-expression. Get on it and soon you will also wonder “why am I feeling so good?”. We know the feeling and the word you are looking for: freedom.

    Electric features

    Hub motors

    Hub motors are the ideal choice for turning Traqpod into an electric board with minimal impact on its overall design, while also minimizing added weight, complexity and maintenance. Its in-wheel design makes motors almost disappear. Magic!

    Custom battery

    Traqpod features an optimized Lithium cell array and a miniature Battery Management System (BMS) in an integrated battery pack that fits tightly in Traqpod’s unobtrusive and beautifully designed battery enclosure.

    Multi-function remote

    Multi-function, and we mean it: Traqpod is controlled by a full-featured remote with OLED screen displaying: gear, speed, direction, lap mileage, total mileage, battery charge status for both the board and the remote, and more. Range anxiety no more! Full control at your fingertips.

    Custom LED lights

    When the sun is up, it isn’t hard for people to see your Traqpod. Actually, they can’t help it. At dusk, however, they may need a little help. White at the front, red at the rear: enter Traqpod’s new integrated positioning lights. LED there be light(s)!



    An electric Traqpod is, first of all, a Traqpod. Since Traqpod 3 Electric builds on the classic Traqpod Regular (non-electric) carving board (already available here) it makes sense to remember what makes Traqpod different as a board. First, a quick slideshow intro: integrated positioning lights. LED there be light(s)!

    Main features

    The folding trucks

    Traqpod’s signature folding trucks let you easily pack your longboard down to a compact size you can fit almost anywhere: in you trunk, under your desk, or just the corner of your room.

    The concave deck

    Traqpod’s concave deck wasn’t designed just to look cool. It also helps you maneuver and turn your board effortlessly, with stability and control.

    The rubber overmold grip

    Instead of the old, abrasive sandpaper, Traqpod features a rubber overmolded grip layer. Same function but gentler on your hands and your clothes. And you’ll never have to change it!

    The self-balancing turning system

    Rigid rubber bushings are out, industrial-grade, high-performance steel springs are in. Traqpod’s patented spring-based trucks allow for a precise steering and easy recovery  and stabilization after turns. 

    The wall mount

    Your Traqpod, just like your car or your bike, will sit at home for long stretches. So we decided to turn that idle time, too, to your advantage, and designed a nice, custom wall mount. Not only you (or your kids, or your mom) won’t trip on it again—you may actually find it looks pretty good up there!


    They call it mass customization: we build many Traqpods, but all are hand-made and customized to your specific feature choices: coloring, motoring, lights, wheels… Let’s check them out:

    Your choice of colors

    Traqpod comes in a growing range or colors. Currently dark red, blue and yellow, with more to come (black, anyone?).

    Your choice of wheels

    Traqpod features a 96 mm off-road style rounded wheel for the electric version, and a more traditional 97 mm longboard-style wheel for the non-electric version. Yes, more wheel options are coming (but we had to start somewhere).

    Your choice of lights

    Depending on your riding environment, needs and preferences, you may want your Traqpod be fitted with front-and-back white/red LED lights, or with simpler, high-efficiency Oralite reflectors.

    Your choice of motors

    Depending on your preference and goals, you may want a full, dual-drive Traqpod, or be just fine with single-drive, thus saving some weight and cost in the process. Not to mention the 0-motor options, for those who fancy the old, clean, primal longboard experience with no help from modern technology.

    Traqpod 3 Regular

    So, yes, if you choose no motors you get this: Traqpod 3 Regular. 0% electric, 100% Traqpod. Available NOW from our shop.












    Your Traqpod is built to order to your exact specifications. What color deck? What style of wheels? Reflective stickers or LED lights? And, very soon: do you want it electric on top? Single or dual drive? See, with so many options we had to figure out a great Traqpod Configurator.


    Take your time to watch the (almost) infinite variety of colors and other options the 2023 Traqpod range offers. When you are ready to choose, start by playing around with our Traqpod configurator. But beware: it’s a trap! It’s actually our shop!

    Accessory Adapter

    Traqpod features an intriguing, simple threaded hole right on the front truck. What for? Many things. To install your action camera. To install Traqpod’s flexible, detachable scooter pole. Or to add a supplemental lighting system. What else? We still don’t know. That’s why it’s intriguing!

    Technical Specifications

    Traqpod regular

    Weight4.8 kg / 10.6 lb*
    Dimensions (unfolded)102 x 16 x 14 cm / 40.2 x 10.2 x 5.5 in
    Dimensions (folded)70 x 26 x 14 cm / 27.6 x 10.2 x 5.5 in
    Wheelbase91 cm / 35.8 in
    Turning radius< 180 cm / 70.9 in
    Wheel diameter90 to 105 mm*
    Wheel hardnessShore A 70 to 93*
    Wheel camber0⁰
    Max. user weight90 kg / 200 lb**


    Deck materialPolypropylene
    Deck finishGlossy
    Truck materialGlass-fiber-reinforced polyamide
    Truck finishMatte
    Dimensions700 x 260 mm / 27.6 x 10.2 in
    Concave depth29 mm / 1.3 in
    Weight2.85 kg / 6.3 lb
    Accessory threadM12


    NameBasic 90Rubber 96Longboard 97Cloudwheel 105
    Diameter90 mm96 mm97 mm105 mm
    Weight287 g390 g362 g383 g


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